Legal Marijuana Now 

Adam Weeks understands the struggle of growing up against the odds. Raised by a single mother from the age of 2 until he graduated from Northfield High School in 2000, Adam now grows vegetables without the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides in Goodhue County. He delivers vegetables weekly as part of the Community Supported Agriculture movement and sells the rest at local farmers markets.

Because of his belief in strong communities, Adam regularly volunteers his time and money to support independently owned local businesses. 

When he is not farming or directly engaged in activism, you can catch Adam at live concerts or playing disc golf with his nieces and nephews.




The war on drugs has destroyed countless lives, and far too many individuals - disproportionately black and brown - are currently behind bars. The criminal justice system preys on lower-income people because they often times cannot afford a lawyer and are thus given a public defender whose primary goal is not necessarily to get their "client" off completely free, but rather to get them to plea to lesser charges. This sounds good on the surface to many because they often end up avoiding jail time, but they're then left with a criminal record which further impacts their ability to earn an income. Their families also suffer as a result, not only through financial hardships, but also because of lack of access to education, exposure to violence, etc.

If you are a "BLACK LIVES MATTER" person - and you SHOULD BE - you need to strongly consider that the drug war is the weapon that police use most often to harass minorities.


Every adult should have the right to grow, possess and use marijuana responsibly. This issue is long past due. Adam will fight for legal marijuana NOW!

The reality is that the drug war is ineffective, extraordinarily costly, and financially supports violent gangs and cartels. 

NOW IS THE TIME TO END THE WAR ON DRUGS and truly help with this gigantic issue. 


Republicans like Jason Lewis openly supported the multinational corporations at the expense of the rest of us.  Democrats like Angie Craig pretended to care during election season, only to betray us once in office. It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We now have a 3rd option besides a Republican or a Democrat. As an active member of the community and tireless advocate for marginalized groups, you can count on Adam Weeks to fight for YOU!


Let’s US take back our country.


Family man


Organic farmer


Leading for our next generation 


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